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Custom Dimensions and Configurations For Our Tent Accessories

We offer so much more than just tents; we offer tent accessories. Our clients can add fans and heaters to combat the elements and make your event space even more comfortable. Stanchions and barriers help control the entry and exit points at your event, while decorated tent poles and paneling add to the ambiance.

Every event is unique, and we understand that you may have specific requirements for your tent setup. Commonwealth Event Company offers custom dimensions and configurations to suit your needs. Whether you need a tent to fit a particular space or require specific features, we can accommodate your requests.

Tent Accessories

Find Everything You Need in One Place

With our complete range of products and services, you can find everything you need for your event in one place. From tents and accessories to heaters, fans, and barriers, we have it all. Our extensive inventory ensures that you can choose the right items to create a successful and enjoyable event.

We also offer a variety of rope and stake options to secure your tent firmly to the ground. Proper anchoring is significant for the stability and safety of your tent, particularly in windy conditions. Our high-quality ropes and stakes are designed to withstand various environmental factors, providing a reliable solution for your event needs.

 *** All vinyl fabric used in the production of our tents and sidewalls is certified flame retardant per NFPA701.

*** We handle all miss utility calls and permitting per location.

You can shop from our complete tent accessories inventory—from ground floor to tent pole fan and more. Quality is guaranteed. Call (804) 264-6621 to learn more.