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Structure Tents

Commonwealth Event Company

Structure Tents

We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

A Structure Tent is the best for events that demand large unobstructed space. The tents can be positioned against a building, and used when staking is not an option. Water barrels and/ or concrete blocks are used for anchoring pending location. It is the perfect tent for climate control; the roof panel and sidewall are firmly locked in channels on the frame of the tent providing greater resistance against the wind and inclement weather. Creating a climate-controlled space; can easily be heated or cooled.

Extremely customized options with this style tent. Roof panels and sidewall can be interchangeable on selected sizes from solid to clear or a mix of both. Removable gable end for an open face tent (bandshell).

Structurally engineered sizes 20′,30′, 40′, 60′,80′ and 100′ wide expandable.

Ideal for: trade shows, warehousing, storage, stage cover, and additional space for restaurants and venues.