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We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

Structure Tents for Any Event

Structure Tents are the best choice for larger events that demand large unobstructed space. These tents can be positioned against a building and are used when staking is not an option. For anchoring, water barrels and/ or concrete blocks are strategically placed around the tent’s perimeter, ensuring stability and safety, depending on the location. 

A structure tent is the perfect tent for climate control; the roof panel and sidewall are firmly locked in channels on the frame of the tent, providing greater resistance against the wind and inclement weather. This creates a climate-controlled space that can easily be heated or cooled.

This style tent offers extremely customized options. Roof panels and sidewalls can be interchangeable in selected sizes, from solid to clear or a mix of both. There is also a removable gable end for an open-face tent (bandshell). Thus, you can have a large variety of options to create a fabulous event.

Structurally engineered sizes 20′,30′, 40′, 60′,80′ and 100′ wide expandable. As we are the largest tent rental company, you can get a wide selection and inventory to choose from. 

Structure Tents

Your structure tent can be partnered with tent accessories to elevate its look and ambiance. Check our photo gallery for samples. Ideal for: trade shows, warehousing, storage, stage cover, weddings, and additional space for restaurants and venues. Commonwealth Event Company offers versatile structure tents to meet all your event needs. Call us now for more inquiries.