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Rules For Renters

Commonwealth Event Company

Rules For Renters

We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

1. A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to reserve a tent and/or equipment. Changes can be made, if available, 72 hours prior to delivery. If a tent order is canceled, the deposit cannot be applied towards other tents or equipment.

2. Only Commonwealth Tent Employees are allowed to move our tents. NO EXCEPTIONS! We cannot move the tent once the crew has begun to layout or set up the tent. The client is responsible to be present at the site at the prescheduled time to place the tent. If the tent has to be moved, or if the client is not on site at the scheduled time, there will be an additional charge applied.

3. Never untie stake lines, guy ropes or unfasten web ratchets. These lines are an integral part of the structural safety of the tent.

4. Never remove any poles from the tent. To do so severely weakens the structural stability of the tent.

5. Never put any nails, staples, wire or any other object through the fabric of the tent or sidewall. Never use paint, marker, crayon or any other type of marker on the fabric of the tent or sidewall. Never cook or grill under the tent per Fire Marshal Codes. Additional cleaning/repair charges will apply.

6. If Client removes the sidewalls, fold them and put in a dry place. Do not allow the sidewall to drag along the ground or asphalt.

7. Prior to Commonwealth Event’s arrival for takedown/pickup, please remove all decorations, tape, twine, rope and any other items that do not belong to Commonwealth Event Company. We are not responsible for any items left attached to our equipment or products.

8. “Delivery is defined as loading dock, ground level accessible by our trucks.” Any other situation will incur additional labor charges. Request a site visit to have exceptional situations evaluated.

9. All tables and chairs must be folded and stacked as they were on delivery. Setup and knockdown of tables and chairs is available for an additional labor charge. Prior arrangements BEFORE delivery or additional labor charge on top of standard setup and takedown charges will incur.

10. All China, Glassware and Flatware must be rinsed free of food and drink. A cleaning fee will apply if all items are not returned to their racks or bins.

11. All broken china, glassware or equipment must be returned for the Damage Waiver to apply, otherwise the full replacement cost will be charged.

12. All linens must be shaken off and be free of food, confetti or any other items. Linens must also be dried out before being placed in the mesh bags for return. Linens that are returned soiled, contain mildew or are damaged, will incur a cleaning fee and/or additional charges. Missing linen will incur full replacement cost.

13. Client is responsible to mark any PRIVATE underground water, septic, sprinkler, electric, cable, phone lines and other obstacles. Commonwealth Event is not responsible for any damage to any PRIVATE underground water, septic, sprinkler, electric, cable, phone lines, or other utilities or structures that are NOT MARKED prior to our arrival for setup.

14. Public water lines are considered PRIVATE from meter to house.

15. Commonwealth Event Company is responsible to call Miss Utility to have all PUBLIC lines marked as long as there is at least 4 days notice. Otherwise, we must use water barrels or anchoring system at an additional cost to client to secure the tent.

16. The client is responsible for getting any necessary county/city permits, such as building, fire, staging, etc. for any tents 900 square feet or more. Commonwealth Event Company can provide that service with at least a 14 day advance notice, for an additional labor fee plus cost of all permits required for tent(s). We require a reasonable amount of time for setup in order to have all work completed prior to all inspections. Commonwealth Event Company will provide safety packages that are required for all permitted tents at an additional charge.

17. EVACUATE all tents if wind speed exceeds 30 mph. Depending upon ground conditions in high winds, ropes, straps, stakes, and tent tops may cause bodily injury.

18. Client is responsible to give RULES FOR RENTERS to all Festival Chairpersons, coordinators or contracted representatives of said event and is responsible for passing theses rules all to all vendors or parties involved with the said event.


  • Double count and check equipment for damages upon pick-up.
  • All china, glassware, flatware and catering equipment must be returned rinsed free of food or drink. If items are returned without rinsing off, client will be responsible for cleaning fees.
  • All broken items must be returned for the Damage Waiver to apply. Missing items will be charged at the full replacement cost.
  • Arrangements must be made in advance if client cannot return rental items by designated date on contract, otherwise additional charges could apply.
  • If Commonwealth Event Company has to complete a one way pickup of equipment, current delivery/pick-up charges to location of event will be charged.

This document is a part of the contract you will receive pertaining to your rental.