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We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

High Peak Pole Tents for Any Elegant Event

High-peak pole tents are a timeless classic that enhances special events. This tent must be staked in the ground. The tension technology allows dramatic high peaks with graceful curves that create a roomy interior for dance floor and table placement. 

It has fewer parts and no framework in the ceiling, allowing a beautiful area for projection lighting and special effects.

High-peak pole tents are a timeless option for creating an elegant and inviting atmosphere at your event. These tents are a staple in the party tent rental industry, known for their graceful curves and soaring peaks that provide a spacious interior.

Traditional white side poles or stained wood add the rustic appeal. Accent your event with flowing flags for a lasting image and add a pop of color. 

The flags also help identify special tents at the event, such as medical tents, information tents, and entrance tents. Assorted colors are available in high-peak poles and high-peak tents. We also have center pole covers available to soften the interior. Sizes for our high peak pole tents are:

Single-center pole tent sizes 10′ up to 50′

Twin pole tent sizes – 60′,80′, and 100′

Ideal for: Weddings, festivals, vendor booths, BBQs, catering, outdoor events


High Peak Frame Tents & Conventional Frame Tents

Constructed with sturdy poles securely staked into the ground, high-peak pole tents offer your guests a reliable and stable shelter. Commonwealth Event Company offers high-peak frame tents and conventional frame tents in addition to traditional pole tents. This variety ensures we can provide the right tent for your event size and vision, whether you prefer the classic look of white side poles or the rustic charm of stained wood accents.

In the party tent rental industry, these heavy-duty pole tents are known for transforming ordinary spaces into amazing venues. Our commercial-grade tents are built to last while looking beautiful. 

For an event filled with timeless elegance, consider renting one of our stunning high-peak pole tents. You can partner with a high-peak frame tent with different tent event accessories. Contact us today, and our team will be happy to guide you through selecting the perfect tents.