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High Peak Pole Tents

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High Peak Pole Tents

We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

A High peak pole tent is a timeless classic that enhances special events. This tent must be staked in the ground. The tension technology allows dramatic high peaks with graceful curves that create a roomy interior for dance floor and table placement. With fewer parts and no framework in the ceiling allowing a beautiful area for projection lighting and special effects.

Traditional white side poles or stained wood to add the rustic appeal. Accent your event with flowing flags for a lasting image and add a pop of color. The flags also help with identifying special tents at the event, such as medical tent, information tent, and entrance tent. Assorted colors are available. We also have center pole covers available to soften the interior.


Single-center pole tent sizes 10′ up to 50′

Twin pole tent sizes – 60′,80′, and 100′

Ideal for: Weddings, festivals, vendor booths, BBQs, catering