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We have more tent rental options that anyone in Central Virginia to support events of every size.

Rent Frame Tents for Any Event

Frame tents provide an unobstructed space for any size event. They have a sturdy galvanized aluminum frame with aluminum poles and a hip-end-style tent.  

Water barrels and concrete blocks can be used when staking is not an option, such as parking lots, decks, and last-minute rain plans (when miss utility has not been called). The expandable tops and adjustable legs can accommodate almost any application.

Our 10′ and 15′ expandable marquees create inviting entrances and covered walkways, create traffic tunnels for controlling access to your event, and protect guests against the elements. Dress up your frame tent with leg drapes to cover the metal side poles for a much softer look.

frame tents
frame tents

Tent sizes – 10′ wide up to 40′ wide all expandable

Ideal for: decks, BBQs, fundraisers, project covers, corporate events, and additional space for restaurants, venues, and homes.

Versatile Options for Any Events

Unlike pole tents or high-peak tents, our frame tents offer a unique combination of strength, ease of installation, and a classic look that complements any occasion. Designed with heavy-duty materials and a sturdy aluminum frame, our frame tents provide a reliable shelter that can withstand various weather conditions. 

You can have a few options when it comes to event tents to match your events. One of the standout features of our frame tents is the absence of a center pole, creating an unobstructed interior space that allows for seamless event flow and flexible layout options. This design also eliminates the need for ground staking, making our frame tents an ideal choice for events held on paved surfaces or in locations where staking is not feasible. 

In addition to our frame tents, our wide selection of rental tents inventory includes structure tents and high-peak pole tents, which provide a traditional and elegant look for outdoor events. Our tent rentals come with various accessories, such as tables and chairs, linens, and lighting, to ensure a complete event solution.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, a festival, or any other special occasion,  we provide the best tent rental solution. We take pride in our high-quality products that can make your event run smoothly. Commonwealth Event Company has everything you need for your tent rentals and tent accessories. 

Contact our sales team to discuss your event requirements and explore our extensive range of frame tents and other event tents for sale.